Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke Addresses if Arthur Harrow is Dead (Exclusive)

Ethan Hawke played antagonist Arthur Harrow, Khonshu's previous champion, in Disney+'s Moon Knight. The foil to the multiple personalities of Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) in the show, it seemed Harrow met his final fate in the show's finale when Harrow met Moon Knight's previously unrevealed third personality, Jake Lockley, who promptly shot Harrow four times. You might think that puts a definitive end to Harrow's time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we are dealing with a television show where the main protagonist was resurrected by an Egyptian god. Could the same fate await Harrow?'s Chris Killian had the chance to talk to Hawke about his new horror movie The Black Phone. During the conversation, Killian asked if Harrow is really dead. Like, for real. Hawke could say much but did tease that Harrow "Sure doesn't seem dead to me."

Marvel billed Moon Knight as a limited series, though the character is expected to appear in another Marvel Studios production. However, the creatives involved, including Hawke, have said previously that they might be interested in continuing the story in a second season of the show.

"The good news is that it's possibly both," Hawke told IGN ahead of Moon Knight's premiere in March. "It lives and breathes on its own merits, it functions as a limited series -- and if people are engaged and excited by it then it could be the origin story of a larger thing."

Speaking to ahead of the premiere, Hawke explained some of the motivations behind his cult-leader-like villain. "I think he views himself as a real apostle of the Goddess Ammit, and that he's here to heal the world, and rid it of sinners, and it's gonna be a violent time, but the peace, and the beauty that will come when all these sinners are gone, it's gonna be worth it," Hawke said.

 "I think a lot of us feel that there's some part of, if you have any belief system that is strong enough, it gives you direction," he continued "A lot of us are lost, and we don't have direction, and we long for a sense of purpose, and a belief system can really give that to you, and I think he's just doubled down on his goddess, and he doesn't think in nuance, he's absolutely uncompromising in how he thinks, 'cause his dedication to this goddess is so complete. So in a way he's very simple."

Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+. The Black Phone opens in theaters on June 24th.