Ms. Marvel Star Clarifies Character's Intentions

Much like the source material, Ms. Marvel's Kamran (Rish Shah) also happened to display powers by the end of the series. While both he and Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) happened to be Inhumans in the comics mythos, it appears they've both been turned into mutants when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Shah's character starts the series off as part of the interdimensional ClanDestine team, the actor has said he believes Kamran's actions were always true and not meant to lead Kamala on.

"It's funny because originally, Kamran was never undercover. It might come across that way, but he genuinely happens to be at this high school and he happens to meet this girl who he can connect with," Shah said in a recent chat with THR. "It's not really clarified how Kamran tracks her down at the end of episode two and helps her, but as far as I'm aware, he was never duping her. He was never trying to play Kamala. I don't think he said to himself, 'I'm going to bump into Kamala now and take her on a date so I can get to know her and find out about this bangle.'"

Whatever the case, Shah added that he believes Kamran was always earnest, not even knowing what his mother and her friends were up to.  

"So I think he was always coming from a place of love and genuine interest. And then by the end of episode two, it happens to be that his mother has been tracking this bangle for years, but Kamran has just been trying to find a home and fit in," the actor added. "And prior to some of the changes that were made later on in the script and during the reshoots and everything, I think that [his sincerity] was probably a bit clearer. But in my mind, that was always the case."

The first season of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on Disney+.

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