'Iron Fist' Costume Designer Dishes On The Defenders Style

Marvel's The Defenders is currently in production and outside casting news, we've seen very little information in regards to the much-anticipated Netflix mini-series. In a recent interview with Forbes, however, costume designer Stephanie Maslansky said they kept the characters distinctive from one another.

"It's been interesting, combining all these different characters and their looks together. We've kept them all fairly distinctive throughout each series," Maslansky told Forbes. "They each have their own look and style. They all come together for a common cause, but their worlds are very distinctive from one another. And I'm not allowed to say anything more than that."

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In traditional Marvel fashion, Maslansky didn't talk too much about the production — we all know the House of Ideas locks everything down like Fort Knox, but that brings a question to the forefront. Even when the costume designer doesn't share much — if anything — about the production, that could possible hint at a big costume change for one of the four Defenders.

We've previously reported that we won't be seeing Danny Rand in his classic Iron Fist getup when Iron Fist debuts next week and we saw Daredevil get outfitted with his comic-accurate costume at the end of season one. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, on the other hand, have switched too much more contemporary looks in the comics, even while Iron Fist and Daredevil continue wearing costumes reminiscent of their classic looks.

With the secrecy surrounding even the smallest of details — including the costume design — will we be seeing Daredevil get an upgrade to his costume or could we see Iron Fist finally put on his yellow mask in The Defenders? Only time will tell as The Defenders is slated to debut later this Summer.

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Finn Jones will debut as Danny Rand in Marvel's Iron First, coming to Netflix in March 2017. Marvel's The Defenders will debut on Netflix later in 2017.

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