Parks and Rec Star Amy Poehler Wants to Play Captain Marvel's "Bossy Sister"

Amy Poehler is known for an array of comedies ranging from Saturday Night Live to Parks and Rec, [...]

Amy Poehler is known for an array of comedies ranging from Saturday Night Live to Parks and Rec, but her latest project for Netflix sees her in front of the camera as well as behind. Moxie is a new Netflix movie that follows a group of teenage girls who decide to take a stand and fight against sexism in their high school. Poehler has been busy promoting the film, and while speaking to her former Weekend Update co-host, Seth Meyers, she brought up Captain Marvel and her dream MCU role.

"I do feel like there's a lot of room in the Marvel Universe for people who could be just like the helpers. I feel like I could be Brie Larson's bossy sister who's not in the biz… I feel like there could be somebody who's turning on the lasers. Because you never see that. You never see who's turning things on and off, who's closing up the headquarters at night," Poehler joked. You can watch the clip below:

If Poehler were to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she certainly wouldn't be the only Parks and Rec alum to make the jump. Chris Pratt, of course, plays Star-Lord/Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy. Paul Rudd also had a recurring role as Bobby Newport before becoming the MCU's Ant-Man, and the most recent addition is Kathryn Hahn, who portrayed Jen Barkley on Parks and Rec before playing the fan-favorite Agatha Harkness on WandaVision.

Speaking of Poehler and Marvel, Moxie does feature a familiar face: Clark Gregg. The Agents of SHIELD alum spoke to last year and gave a little tease about working with Poehler.

"I loved Moxie... I just show up and not only be directed by Amy Poehler but to get to play her boyfriend, was a really fun way to come out of SHIELD," Gregg shared.

As for the upcoming Captain Marvel 2, it may not include Poehler, but there is a lot to look forward to.

"I've changed so much, I've grown so much and so I'm really excited to see what I can bring to Carol in the Captain Marvel sequel with who I am now," Brie Larson recently shared. "To see how all of you have embraced Carol and taken her on and used her as a symbol for whatever it is if there's difficulties that are going on in your life. Moments of strength that you need that you can pull from this character and find something, whether it's a line from the film or from the comics, that has been absolutely remarkable and incredibly. I'm excited to keep expanding on that."

Moxie is now streaming on Netflix, and Captain Marvel 2 is currently scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022.