Rich Buckler, Co-Creator Of Deathlok, Passes Away At Age 68

Comic book artist Rich Buckler passed away today after battling cancer for years.

Buckler was a prolific artist with contributions to both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including a lengthy run on Fantastic Four in the ‘70s. He contributed much to the medium including cult-favorite character Deathlok, who was most recently featured on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

The news was reported by Bleeding Cool, stating it was confirmed by Buckler’s family as well as friend Roy Thomas. Alex Ross has since tweeted his condolences for the family.

Buckler had a long and storied career in the comics industry providing interiors and covers for many classic titles and storylines including Superman vs. Shazam! with Gerry Conway, All-Star Squadron with Roy Thomas, and the seminal Spider-Man story “The Death of Jean DeWolfe” with Peter David.

The Marvel Comics character Deathlok is one of Buckler's most famous creations, in collaboration with Doug Moench

The artist left an indelible mark on the comics industry with his prolific work in the ‘70s and ‘80s, when he drew nearly every popular character and contributed to some beloved storylines. And though his character Deathlok recently cemented his legacy with a television debut, he’ll also be remembered for helping other superstar creators in their careers. Buckner first gave George Perez a job in the ‘70s as his studio assistant.

Buckner will be sorely missed by his peers and fans in comics, but his impact will always remain.