Spider-Man: Homecoming: Michael Keaton's Vulture Costume Analyzed

Marvel fans are buzzing about Spider-Man: Homecoming's latest revelations - the biggest of which [...]

Marvel fans are buzzing about Spider-Man: Homecoming's latest revelations - the biggest of which is the costume that will be worn by Michael Keaton's Vulture.

Needless to say, Keaton's look as The Vulture is going to be something different than what Marvel Comics fans are used to - but given the types of Vulture costumes we've seen in the comic books, is that a bad thing?

Another Look at the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

As you can see, the costume mixes in Vulture costume styles that range from the classic '60s looks to the updates of the '90s and '00s - but it definitely takes its own approach as well:

Spider-Man The Vulture Costume Classicby robbdaman @ DeviantART

Image by robbdaman @ DeviantART

Spider-Man The Vulture Costume 2010s
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)
Spider-Man The Vulture Costume 2010s
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Early Spider-Man: Homecoming rumors pointed to a third villain in the film (alongside Keaton's Vulture and Bokeem Woodbine's Shocker) being The Tinkerer.

Looking at the Vulture Concept art and toy image, it does seem likely that the rumored storyline for the villain (that he is supplying villains with advanced suits and weapons based on Chitauri tech) is indeed accurate. The tech involved looks like it could all be developed by traditional science and engineering, but the enhanced flight capabilities will probably be where Chitauri tech comes into play. It's an interesting way to take the events of The Avengers films and convert their impact into the type foes Spider-Man traditionally battles: "street-level" in a sense (robbery is their usual objective), but also slightly sci-fi fantastical, like every superpowered character in Spider-Man canon.

spider-man vulture
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Concept art of The Vulture costume has given us a better idea of how the costume will play onscreen. The exo-skeleton harness and "talons" that serve as foot rests will make even the elderly Vulture a physical threat for Spider-Man; the thick bomber jacket on the figurine version of the character is both quirky in that Spider-Man kind of fashion, and a smart touch; it suggests that Keaton's character could have previous experience as a pilot - even a combat pilot - and it also makes sense, as Vulture will be flying in places that could be very cold and windy.

But that helmet, though...

The toy image has the helmet appear as more of a biker or pilot's helmet, while the concept artwork has something distinctly less "real world" and more "comic book villain." One hopes the latter is what we get in the film, and that the blurred toy images just fail to highlight the intricacies of the design around the face (which is likely). Keaton is an actor who could pull off the menancing avian helmet and eerie green lights as eyes; it's hard to imagine anyone looking cool onscreen in a standard biker's helmet.

...In any event, the turbine wings look pretty badass.

How do you feel about Spider-Man: Homecoming's Vulture costume design? Let us know in comments or @ComicBookNow!

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