Spider-Man: No Way Home Suit Name Revealed, Hints at New Abilities

After a couple of leaks over the last few days, Marvel officially released some images and details of the new line of toys on the way for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thanks to these photos of Funko POP!s, Hasbro Legends figures, and LEGO sets, we know what Spider-Man's new suit will look like in the movie. We also know that the suit that Peter will be wearing in the next film is called the "Integrated Suit," and that could provide some hints at new powers for the young web-crawler.

The name on its own could mean any number of things, because there's no information on what Spider-Man's outfit could be integrated with. However, matching that name up with one of the POP! figures offers up a pretty massive clue. The suit seems to be integrated with Doctor Strange's mystical abilities, or at least some kind of magic. Take a look:

(Photo: Marvel)

That Spidey figure shows some kind of mystical energy on Peter's chest, similar to the energy that emits from the Eye of Agamotto that Strange wears around his neck. He also has something coming from his wrist.

This suit appears to be integrated with Doctor Strange's mystical objects, allowing Peter to utilize various forms of magic while wearing it. It's clear from the new No Way Home LEGO set that Spider-Man will be spending at least some time in the Sanctum Santorum with Doctor Strange, so he's going to be coming up against some problems that he's never dealt with before. And of course, there's also the multiverse to consider, as it will likely play a major role in the new film.

Even thought he started out as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, the Peter Parker of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to getting big upgrades to his suits. Many of his former suits came from Tony Stark, each with different abilities that allowed him to interact with AI and even survive in space. His suits have consistently given him room to do more and more, so seeing him now harness the mystic arts isn't too much of a stretch.


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Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives in theaters on December 17th.