Spider-Man Spinoff Kraven the Hunter Spotted in New Set Video

Principal photography for Sony's Kraven the Hunter is well underway, with the first round of set videos surfacing from the production over the weekend. In one of the set videos, Aaron Taylor-Johnson's stunt double can be seen hanging onto a van. While the double isn't wearing Kraven's iconic look, he appears to be wearing a deconstructed tuxedo without any socks or shoes.

In one of the videos that's surfaced, the van goes speeding down the road as the Kraven stunt double climbs on top, presumably trying to get access to whoever's inside the vehicle.

The video confirms Taylor-Johnson's previous comments at just how physical of a movie Kraven would be for those working on it.

"You do come at it from another angle, which is back-to-front for me. It's like you're coming at it from the physical aspect, because that's what you can see from a comic book. You go, 'Oh, he looks like that, so I have to look like that.' You see that and then you start to backtrack and dig deeper, and go, 'This is where he originates from, then he has this relationship and that relationship…," the actor said in a recent conversation with Spider-Man: No Way Home star Andrew Garfield.

He added, "You just hope that you're going to portray something that you can bring to life. There is, again, room for an interpretation and you want to be able to bring something and let it pop off the page. It's another new challenge, we talk about putting yourself under pressure all the time. I don't step away from controversial shit, I don't know what it is, but I'm always drawn to the thing that might actually give me a fucking stroke!"

Kraven the Hunter will be in theaters on January 13, 2023. 

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