Stan Lee Commemorates 75 Years At Marvel

In the world of comics, no name is as recognized as that of Stan Lee. The man is responsible for most of the popular Marvel characters we've come to love, and the industry may not still be around if it wasn't for his work over the years.

Speaking of years, Lee has now been working with Marvel comics for 75 years. What is a lifetime for most, is a career for this legend.


In a new video, the creator looks back on the years spent with the company - and he explains just how he came to work in comics in the first place.

Lee reveals that he was 17, and in need of a job, when he saw an assistant opening at a publishing company. He had no idea this position was with comics, but he walked into the office to see Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Over the next year, Stan helped them create new comics and characters, and he even started writing a few books on his own.

Soon after, both Kirby and Simon left the company, and Lee was all alone. The owners told the 18-year-old to keep things moving while they hired someone else to take over, but he says they kind of forgot about him.

From then on, Stan Lee was running Marvel comics.

It's awesome to hear such an awesome story told by such a legend, and knowing Lee has a cool background in the industry makes his legacy even that much more exciting.

Thank you Stan, for all you've done in the world of comics.