Avengers Villain Thanos Crashes a Wedding

Thanos committed many crimes to earn him the nickname "The Mad Titan" in the Marvel Universe. Now he can add "wedding crasher" to his villainous resume.

SPOILERS for Thor #3 by Jason Aaron and Mike del Mundo follow.

It wasn't just any wedding that Thanos crashed, but an important Asgardian wedding taking place in Niffleheim

Thor and Loki recently traveled to Hel, the realm of the dead which is currently the frontline of the war against Sindr, the daughter of Surtur and ruler of Muspelheim. Sindr who has aligned her burning legion with Malekith the Accursed, the dark elf instigating the War of the Realms. Once there, Thor and Loki were reunited with their brother Balder the Brave, the ruler of Niffleheim and regent of Hel, who has been leading the battle against Sindr with his lover, Karnilla of the Norns, and Skurge the Executioner at his side.

The heroes waylaid a shipment to the opposing forces' camp to liberate what they believed to be a superweapon. What they actually found was Loki's children - Hela, the deposed former ruler of Hel, and her brother, Fenris Wolf.

Hela, looking to reclaim her throne, attacked, but Loki came up with a plan. Knowing that Hel needed a united front in order to stand a chance against the forces of Muspelheim, Loki suggested that Hela and Balder should marry and co-rule over Hel.

The two reluctantly agreed. Though Karnilla was not happy about the arrangement, she pressed Balder to go through with it for the good of the realm even after Loki's apparent treachery.

However, Hela neglected to mention that she too is involved with someone:

Thanos Thor 3
(Photo: Mike Del Mundo, Marvel Entertainment)

Hela and Thanos' relationship was first revealed more than a year ago in The Unworthy Thor #5. Here's what writer Jason Aaron told ComicBook.com about the pairing after the issue was released:

"We all know about Thanos' particular fixation on death so it makes sense that we would see this alliance forged with Thanos and Hela, who has long been the queen of the underworld in Norse mythology, but recently she's been dethroned and so she's lost control of her kingdom," Aaron said. "This is her trying to get that back. As to where that goes, I definitely expect to see the two of them getting up to no good together in the coming months."


It took quite a few months to get there, but it seems Aaron is following through on this statement, with Hela bringing Thanos with her to Hel to reclaim her throne.

Thor #3 is now on sale.