Venom Kaiyodo Revoltech Figure Is Insane

Collectors are spoiled nowadays with the inordinate amount of collectible goodness that hits store shelves every month, especially if you happen to be a Marvel fan. The gravy train keeps on rolling with Kaiyodo's Revoltech Venom, the latest in the Amazing Yamaguchi line.

The figures come with ridiculous amounts of articulation, and while some argue that it can be a detriment to the overall look of the figure, with Venom the absurd mass of the figure hides a lot of the seams. While he's not that much taller than their previously released Spider-Man figure, he dwarfs him in sheer width (via The Fwoosh).

Venom has articulation all over, and it allows for some truly dynamic poses, poses that seem like they leaped off the comic page. He also comes with several tentacle attachments and a few swappable caps that allow you to change up his eyes, and you can opt for a Venom with crazy tongue or no tongue, it's up to you.

You can get a much closer and in-depth look at the figure in the gallery.


The imposing figure is slated for a May of 2017 release, where he will retail for 7800 yen. If you're interested in pairing him with Spider-Man, Spidey releases in January of 2017.

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