Venom Debuts New Symbiote Power

Venom is flying to new heights in the fifth issue of his current ongoing series by writer Donny [...]

Venom is flying to new heights in the fifth issue of his current ongoing series by writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman.

Marvel Comics has released a preview for Venom #5 that shows Eddie Brock and his symbiote pulling a new trick they haven't shown before. In the preview, Eddie grows wings to fly himself and Spider-Man Miles Morales to safety.

Take a look in Stegman's double-page spread below.

Venom WIngs
(Photo: Ryan Stegman, Marvel Entertainment)

This could be a new trick that Eddie and the symbiote learned from encountering Knull, the god of the symbiotes. Knull manifested his own personal symbiote as a gigantic dragon, the same beast that was the monster Grendel in the Beowulf saga. It seems that encounter has somehow changed Eddie's symbiote.

Eddie Brock is learning that there is a lot about his symbiote that he doesn't quite understand. The planet Klyntar that Eddie was led to believe was the symbiote homeworld, is actually a prison for Knull. Knull, the manifestation of the void, created the first symbiote to be his own personal weapon. This later became known as All-Black the Necrosword. He also created an army of symbiotes to fight the Celestials.

But Knull lost power over his creations and was caged within Klyntar. Some symbiotes were discovered on Earth by the United States government and bonded to soldiers to fight in the Vietnam war. One contacted Eddie for help in freeing the others. He didn't know that those soldiers were dead and their symbiotes eager to free to their former master.

Now Eddie and Miles Morales must stop the Grendel symbiote before it returns to Klyntar to free Knull's true body. Otherwise, the symbiote god resumes his war on life beginning with planet Earth.

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Venom #5 goes on sale Aug. 22.

Venom #5
(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Stegman

An ancient Klyntar has awakened on Earth, and with it, something has stirred in Eddie Brock's symbiote. And while Venom would never do anything to hurt Eddie or an innocent person, the ancient symbiote has no such qualms...

Rated T+
In Shops: August 22, 2018
SRP: $3.99