Who is Miek In 'Thor: Ragnarok'?

Korg may have been the scene-stealer in Thor: Ragnarok, but he wasn’t operating alone. He had a [...]

Korg may have been the scene-stealer in Thor: Ragnarok, but he wasn't operating alone. He had a sidekick in Miek, another gladiator from the Grandmaster's arena on Sakaar.

Like Korg, Miek is also a character from the Marvel Universe, and he traces his origin back to the same story as Korg's, the 2006-2007 story "Planet Huk" by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, and Aaron Lopresti, and also like Korg, he was one of the Hulk's Warbound.

Miek's character arc is one of suffering leading to hatred and destruction. Unlike the Miek of Thor: Ragnarok, the original Miek isn't a slug-like creature with artificial limbs for fighting. Miek was one of the native insectoid beings who lived on Sakaar, but he was enslaved by the Red King. During the Hulk's battle with the Red King, Miek was freed and joined with the Hulk's Warbound. Miek led the Warbound to a place where they could hide, the same place where the Red King's empire killed Miek's father.

With the assistance of the Warbound, Miek was able to free his brothers from imperial imprisonment, adding the hive to the Hulk's forces. This put Miek in a position of leadership among his people, triggering a metamorphosis into one of his species' "kings," making Miek much more formidable physically.

Miek helped Hulk lead the insurrection against the Red King, eventually overthrowing the empire. However, Miek was so consumed by his hatred that he wanted the Hulk to continue to destroy. When the spaceship that brought Hulk to Sakaar exploded and killed Caiera Oldstrong, Hulk's love, the Hulk assumed it was the fault of the Illuminati and returned to Earth, kicking off the World War Hulk event. On Earth, Miek encouraged Hulk's destruction until it was eventually revealed that imperial agents were responsible for placing a damaged warp core in the Hulk's ship, causing it to explode. Miek knew this and didn't tell the Hulk because he wanted to give the Hulk a reason to continue destroying.

The Hulk immediately turned on Miek, nearly killing him, but Miek was eventually put in the custody of SHIELD and transferred to the Negative Zone prison Wonderland. Since then, Miek has continued to be a foe of the Hulk and his allies. During the Chaos War event, Miek was recruited by the Chaos King. When that story was resolved, Miek escaped to the Savage Land and tried to force the Hulk and his son, Skaar, to kill each other. The plan failed and the Hulk punched Miek through a volcano. The Hulk found Miek hanging from the edge of an ice mountain and, though Hulk tried to save his former brother-in-arms, Miek's hatred was so powerful that he refused and allowed himself to fall.

That's quite an arc for a character played as comedic relief in Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps fans will see more of Miek, perhaps after undergoing a metamorphosis, in Avengers: Infinity War.

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