Zendaya Is Terrified Tom Holland Will Die Because of His Spider-Man Suit

Being Spider-Man is a dangerous gig, and that danger extends to playing the character in films. Tom Holland is the current Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He plays Spidey opposite Zendaya as MJ. Zendaya says she fears for Holland’s life when he’s in that Spider-Man costume.

“Honestly, the stories I’ve heard about him having to wear that suit, like I do not…” she begins while speaking to MTV News. “You know what I think about all the time that really scares me? Is like, when he wears that mask that you can’t just take off, cause it’s all like one piece, I get scared all the time like, what if he’s working so hard that he throws up, and then he can't, he chokes! I think about it all the time! That’s really scary...Cause I look at him like ‘Please, I hope he never gets sick, oh my god!’”

Jacob Batalon, who plays Ned Leeds in the film, adds “I don’t wish that on my worst enemy...No, but also like, when he’s like, doing flips and stuff like, and he can’t see out the mask it’s like, how he is he doing this? You know like, it’s crazy. Shout out, cause I don’t wanna be wearing a thong in a body tight suit for like 12 hours a day.”

Holland putting his life at risk isn’t in vain. Spider-Man: Far From Home opened in theaters on Tuesday and is blowing past expectations at the box office. ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis gave the film a 5-star review. He writes:

"While the film stands very much on its own, Far From Home does tremendous, exciting things to open unexpected doors and to expand the MCU as a whole. It's almost as if Marvel Studios is showing off, following up Endgame with moments that immediately hook an audience for more both with a single character and their expansive world. In fact, Spider-Man: Far From Home doesn't stop blowing minds until the lights in the theater come on. It includes two of the best post-credits scenes attached to any Marvel movie to date, loaded with expansive and thrilling twists, any details of which would be massive spoilers.


It doesn’t seem like we’re swinging to any crazy conclusions in calling Spider-Man: Far From Home the best Spider-Man movie ever. Top to bottom, it is a complete moviegoing experience. It is thrilling, it is fun, it is unpredictable, and it is full of heart. Spider-Man: Far From Home is a by far a home run."

What did you think of Spider-Man: Far From Home? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments. Spider-Man: Far From Home is now playing in theaters.