Hobbs & Shaw Post Credits Scenes Confirmed by the Rock

The Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is about to blow into theaters. Ever since the Fast & Furious franchise started hewing closer resemblance to the superhero genre than street racing culture, it's been none too shy about borrowing a few staples of the Marvel movie format - including post-credits scenes.

Whereas some films leave a the after-credits scenes for surprise reveals or "button scene" setups of a sequel story, Hobbs & Shaw isn't leaving anything to guesswork. Star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is letting fans know, with no uncertainty, that they need to stick around throughout the entire Hobbs & Shaw credits, to get in on all the fun.

"Yessir. Post credit scenes will give you an idea of the new future team 😉🥃. Enjoy!"

Now here's the deal: The Rock's confirmation is absolutely accurate in the sense that there are indeed multiple Hobbs & Shaw post-credits scenes - three, to be exact. However, having seen them for ourselves, we must take slight umbrage with Mr. Johnson's description.

WARNING - Hobbs & Shaw Post-Credits Scenes SPOILERS follow!

By now, movie fans should know all too well that there are only two real types of post-credits scenes: the major revelatory type that sets up the events of a sequel, or the comedic kind that are played just for a final laugh or two. In the case of Hobbs & Shaw, the post-credits scenes are 95% irreverent comedy, and just 5% set up.

The first and third post-credits scenes feature one of the movie's major cameo characters (not spoiling that one!). That character, a CIA agent, contacts Hobbs to let him know that the organization behind cybernetic villain Brixton (Idris Elba) is still on the warpath - even more so after Hobbs and Shaw's disruption of their plans. Of course, that bit of setup takes a major backseat to the CIA man's humorous back-and-forth with an annoyed Hobbs over the phone.

The second scene actually looks in on Hobbs and Shaw after the events of the film. It teases Shaw going back on the run, after Hobbs honors his promise to try to arrest the renegade spy. That tease of renewed conflict between the characters again takes a major backseat to their comedic banter, as Shaw promises appropriate payback against Hobbs.


So again, it's hard to confirm these Hobbs & Shaw post-credits actually tease "The New Future Team" as Johnson claims - but if you enjoy the banter and humor of Hobbs & Shaw, you'll have a few more scenes of fun to enjoy.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is now laying in theaters.