Bad Boys For Life: Here's the Michael Bay Cameo You May Have Missed

Bad Boys For Life is the long-awaited threequel in the Bad Boys franchise, arriving 25 years(!) after the original film and 17 years after the arguably more popular sequel film. As action genre fans know all too well, Bad Boys didn't just help establish Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as major movie stars, the Bad Boys films also marked the major breakout and stylistic evolution (respectively) in the career of director Michael Bay. Bad Boys For Life had to move forward without Michael Bay hopping in the director's chair, but that doesn't mean the fimmaker's presence is forgotten. In fact, Michael Bay has a fun little cameo in Bad Boys For Life - but if you blink at the wrong moment you'll probably miss it!

WARNING: Mild Bad Boys For Life SPOILERS Follow!

The first act of Bad Boys For Life sees Mike Lowrey get gunned down by cartel boss Armando Aretas (Jacob Scipio), as revenge for something Mike did to his family long ago. Mike is in the Intensive Care and Recovery Units of the hospital for about half a year before he's on his feet - but when he does make his return, he does it by making the sort of entrance that only Mike Lowrey could make!

Bad Boys For Life messes with viewers by cutting from scenes of Mike on death's door in the hospital to a scene of all his family friends gathered in formal wear, with Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and his wife at the forefront, sobbing heavily. However, it's quickly revealed that Marcus and his wife Theresa's tears are actually for the daughter Megan's marriage ceremonyh to Reggie, that young kid who showed up for a date with Megan, in one of Bad Boys II's most memorable scenes. As the wedding setting is revealed, we hear from the guy who is MC'ing the wedding, as he introduces a very special surprise for Megan: her "Uncle Mike" making his first public appearance walking and talking since nearly dying. The guy MC'ing the wedding and announcing "Uncle Mike's" return? That would be Mr. Michael "Bayhem" Bay himself!


This cameo from Bay is just one of several great meta references that Bad Boys For Life directors Adeil and Bilall make to the Bay films that preceded their threequel. Since it was Bay who introduced us to the Burnett family and that hilarious introductory scene with Reggie, it's only fitting he gets to be a part of this happy milestone moment in Bad Boys 3!

Did you spot Michael Bay's appearance in Bad Boys For Life?

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