Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Featurette Introduces Cassie Lang

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania's latest video gave fans a glimpse at what they could expect from Cassie Lang in the movie. All eyes are on Marvel with the MCU's start to Phase 5 so close at hand. It feels like Ant-Man's daughter has her role to play in the Multiverse Saga as well. Kathryn Newton is playing the smaller Lang in the picture and a lot has changed since the last time we saw her on screen. Images of the younger actress who used to play the character have danced across Ant-Man's phone in the trailers. But, Emma Fuhrmann is nowhere to be found. Abby Ryder Forston might have played the part even before that. However, we're dealing with an origin story alongside the biggest threat the Avengers have ever faced. See what Marvel has to say about the young heroine down below!

Director Peyton Reed actually spoke to Nerdbunker about the newest MCU hero and her growing pains next to her dad. In fact, it sounds like they both have some learning to do. And, they're going to have to do it all on the fly because Kang the Conqueror is simply not going to wait for their family drama to reside before making his move.

Reed explained, "But I think we've all grown and what we want to do with the movies and how we see the character, the family dynamics, to us, after the events of [Avengers: Infinity War] and Endgame, it really occurred to us, obviously, 'Well, Cassie's going to be 18 in this movie, that's great.' The whole theme is time and how much time he's missed and his main motivation is just, 'I want time with my daughter.' And now he's coming into contact with a villain in this movie, Kang the Conqueror, who has dominion over time, and what does that mean to them?"

How Much Has Cassie Changed Since Endgame?

Ant-Man's first two MCU solo projects saw him grappling with concrete threats. (Or maybe not so solid in the case of Ghost, but nevertheless…) Loki brought Jonathan Majors' trickster into the fold and he represents a bit of an existential dilemma for all these heroes. Even if they haven't met him yet. How do you defeat an enemy that seemingly cannot be conquered. Cassie is going to have to use that big brain to help her dad and family solve that puzzle before its too late.

"I love the idea of Scott still relating to Cassie as a kid, but she's not, she's a young adult now. She has her own ideas of what it means to do good in the world and she's trying to find her voice as a hero," the filmmaker revealed. "She can also be a little critical of her father, that seemed really rich, something very relatable with families, because you don't always tell your parents everything that you do, they don't always tell you everything they've experienced. That's exciting to us, and the Ant-Man movies are always about families. Throwing all these different complications of the characters and pushing them to their limits, that, I think, is one of the things that Paul and I love about these movies."

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