Bill and Ted Writer Confirms New Sequel Isn't Happening

Bill & Ted Face the Music is very likely the end of the franchise that helped to turn Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter into household names. A rumor has started to circulate online suggesting both Reeves and Winter are returning for Bill & Ted 4, a notion that has quickly been debunked by franchise architect Ed Solomon. While sharing a link to the rumor in question, Solomon joked that it was reminiscent of a recent dream he had.

He immediately followed up the initial tweet with another that confirmed a follow-up feature to Face the Music would not be happening. "This article reminds me of a dream I had 2 nights ago that for some reason I'd enrolled in 5 classes at NYU & had no idea what they were but it was now finals week," Solomon joked. "I'm excited to see A & K on the set of what I'm just hearing about for the 1st time now."

"By the way - this film is *not* happening, sorry," the scribe added in a follow-up tweet.

Earlier this summer, Solomon and his Bill and Ted co-creator Chris Matheson told's Russ Burlingame the story of the franchise's titular duo came full circle by the end of Face the Music.

"We're good to stand down at this point, and so we told the Bill and Ted story, and it's complete, I think," Solomon told us.

"Three is the magic number, I think. Beginning, middle, and end," Matheson added. "This is the end."


Originally set for a traditional theatrical release, Orion instead opted to move the film to a premium VOD option as theaters still remain closed in certain parts of the country. In its first week in release, Bill & Ted Face the Music topped digital sales charts ion iTunes, Amazon, Fandango, and several other digital movie vendors.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is now available wherever movies are sold.