Marvel's Black Widow Runtime Revealed

Unless another delay is arriving in the coming months (which it very well could be), the Marvel [...]

Unless another delay is arriving in the coming months (which it very well could be), the Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to make its return to the big screen this spring with the release of Black Widow. Starring Scarlett Johansson as the titular character, Black Widow is going to dive deeper into the history of Natasha Romanoff. Fans who have been waiting for more MCU movies will fortunately get plenty of time with the franchise when Black Widow arrives, because the film is another MCU entry that clocks in at over two hours in length.

A new write-up on the Disney UK website has revealed the official runtime for Black Widow, letting everyone know exactly how long the film is. According to the site, Black Widow comes in at two hours and 13 minutes.

That running time is pretty standard for the non-team-up movies in the MCU. Thor: Ragnarok comes in at 2:10, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier runs for 2:16. So, like most of the MCU films that focus on a single character's story, Black Widow will take about 2.25 hours to watch.

Many of the spring's bigger theatrical releases have already moved back on the calendar, including the 25th James Bond film, No Time to Die. With many theaters still closed due to the pandemic, and the vaccine rollout going more slowly than many people hoped, there is a lot of talk of other spring films getting pushed back.

This has Marvel fans worried that Black Widow will get hit with yet another delay. The film was originally supposed to hit theaters back in the spring of 2020. Of course, there is always the option for Marvel and Disney to put Black Widow on Disney+ with the Premier Access feature, which would require users to pay an additional $30 to buy the film on top of their subscription.

Throughout this whole process, Marvel and Disney have maintained that they are committed to the theatrical experience, so it seems like Black Widow will be released on the big screen one way or another. But with an entire connected franchise hinging on these releases, there may come a time when Black Widow simply has to get released in order to keep the MCU moving forward.

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Black Widow is currently set to hit theaters on May 7, 2021.