Blackish Star Yara Shahidi Teases Her Tinkerbell Approach for Peter Pan & Wendy

Yara Shahidi teased her Tinkerbell for Peter Pan & Wendy in a new interview. the Black-ish star spoke to Variety on the Red Carpet for the MTV Movie and TV Awards about the upcoming Disney movie. She’s very excited to bring some new energy to the character. For a while, a lot of people wondered if this project would see the light of day. But director David Lowery has done an amazing job of filling out this cast over the last year and change. Shahidi was announced last year in the fall, and a lot of fans got even more excited for Peter Pan and Wendy as a result. (Jude Law playing Captian Hook doesn’t hurt either.) The actress couldn’t say what the costume looked like but could reveal that she had worn the dress recently. So, things are moving full steam ahead for the live-action Disney feature. Check out what she had to say down below.

“You know, Tinkerbell is really fun,” she began. “I think what I like the most about this take is that Tinkerbell is coming with a lot of agency. She may be a famous sidekick, but I love the fact that she is driven and motivated in her own ways. I don’t want to give too much up, but I’m really looking forward to this adaptation.

Lowery spoke to EW about how excited he was for Peter Pan back in 2018. The project had fans worried because of how often this story appears on screen. But, the director was adamant that there is no narrative fatigue around Peter Pan. Instead, all these nods and adaptations show how resonant the story is for modern audiences and how it continues to endure through time.

"There’s a lot of expectations for a Peter Pan movie because people love it. And there’s also the fact there’s a lot of Peter Pan movies, and so I just want to make sure that if we make this one — I know Disney feels the same way — if we’re going to make this one, let’s make it right," Lowery explained back then. "It has to be personal to me. It also has to be the kind of movie that people who love the original Peter Pan movie are going to love. And that’s why I’m still agonizing over every little detail on it."


He continued, "You’re just like constantly, saying, 'Okay, culturally what works now?' Something as simple as taking the guns out of the pirates’ hands changes like a lot of beats from the classic Disney movie. I mean, Captain Hook has a lot of funny scenes with his pistol. The original Peter Pan movie’s obviously horribly racist, and so that will have to go out the window. Anyway, I can go on all day about it, but my point is is that when I finish it, it will be good."

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