'The Boss Baby' Star Alec Baldwin Arrested In Alleged Fight Over Parking Space

Alec Baldwin, who has starred in The Boss Baby and many an episode of Saturday Night Live lately, was just arrested in New York for punching someone.

THR reports that Baldwin evidently punched a man over a parking spot and will be charged with assault. The altercation happened in front of 28 East 10th St around 2 p.m. ET, and according to New York Police Department Detective Sophia Mason, it was because of a disagreement over a parking spot.

"It looks like it was a dispute over the parking spot, and the person in custody punched him," Mason said.

That means Baldwin was the one throwing the punch, and he has been arrested and taken to the 6th Precinct Station. At the moment no other details are available, but as we learn more we'll keep you posted.

Baldwin has most recently become a fixture on Saturday Night Live, where he's the go-to impressionist anytime a President Trump sketch comes up on the docket. His impression was enormously well-received, so much so that he won an Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy series, and he's kicked off the 2018 season with more. Saturday Night Live is tomorrow night, so we're not sure if that will cause any issues with the newest episode, though there wasn't necessarily any Trump skits planned.