Scholastic Teaming With Paramount for Caster Live-Action Film

Scholastic Entertainment is teaming up with Josephson Entertainment and Weed Road Pictures to [...]

Scholastic Entertainment is teaming up with Josephson Entertainment and Weed Road Pictures to develop a live-action film based on Scholastic's hit YA series Caster from author Elsie Chapman. Chapman has released two books in the series thus far, and those will serve as the inspiration for the upcoming live-action adaptation, which has been optioned by Paramount Pictures. Caster centers around Aza Wu, who knows that magic is illegal and lethal, as casting killed her sister Shire. After Shire's death, Aza looks at things a little differently, understanding that everything has a cost, and she'll explore that further as she looks to save the legacy of Wu Teas, a teahouse that has been a part of her family for centuries.

Scholastic Entertainment President Iole Lucchese (Clifford the Big Red Dog)and SVP Caitlin Friedman (The Magic School Bus) will produce the series alongside Weed Road Pictures' Akiva Goldsman (Batman Forever, A Beautiful Mind) and Greg Lessans and Josephson Entertainment's principal Barry Josephson (Enchanted, Men In Black) and company head D. Matt Gellar (Remember).

"Caster is an absolutely thrilling story with twists and turns that keep readers riveted and holding their breath to see what happens next," said Lucchese. "We are very excited to be working with Josephson Entertainment and Akiva and his team at Weed Road Pictures to bring this exhilarating story to life on screen."

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"Caster is a wildly imaginative vision of an earth infused with magic, but with a very grounded and contemporary heroine at its core," said Goldsman. "I'm so excited to help bring Aza and her world to life alongside my terrific partners at Josephson, Scholastic Entertainment, and Paramount."

"With its captivating storyline and strong and resourceful lead female character, Caster is sure to win over audiences, just as it has amassed a large and loyal fanbase of readers," said Producer Barry Josephson of Josephson Entertainment. "We're so pleased to be working with Scholastic Entertainment and Weed Road on this 'magical' adventure."

No word yet on the release date, but we'll keep you posted. You can check out the official description for Caster below.

"If the magic doesn't kill her, the truth just might.

Aza Wu knows that real magic is dangerous and illegal. After all, casting killed her sister, Shire. As with all magic, everything comes at a price. For Aza, it feels like everything in her life has some kind of cost attached to it. Her sister had been casting for money to pay off Saint Willow, the gang leader that oversees her sector of Lotusland. If you want to operate a business there, you have to pay your tribute. And now with Shire dead, Aza must step in to save the legacy of Wu Teas, the teahouse that has been in her family for centuries.

When Aza comes across a secret invitation, she decides she doesn't have much else to lose. She quickly realizes that she's entered herself into an underground casting tournament, and the stakes couldn't be higher. Real magic, real consequences. As she competes, Aza fights for her life against some very strong and devious competitors.

When the facts about Shire's death don't add up, the police start to investigate. When the tributes to Saint Willow aren't paid, the gang comes to collect. When Aza is caught sneaking around with fresh casting wounds, her parents are alarmed. As Aza's dangerous web of lies continues to grow, she is caught between trying to find a way out and trapping herself permanently."

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