Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Trolls His Wife Blake Lively With Awkward Photos on Her Birthday

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are always having a good time, and the Deadpool star loves to get laughs on social media about their relationship. Today on Instagram, the actor took some time to acknowledge his wife's 32nd birthday with a series of "clever" photos. Each one of the pictures is slightly askew as Lively is either squinting, out of frame, or out of focus.

Meanwhile, her husband is almost picture-perfect in every single one. Reynolds has shown the penchant for taking these opportunities to have a little bit of fun with his wife on social media before and this probably won't be the last time. Lively must be used to all the comedy by now, they've been married for a while and it doesn't seem like there's an off switch for her husband's humor.

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Happy Birthday, @blakelively.

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In the first picture, she's visibly pregnant, and the couple is expecting their third child. Their two daughters James and Inez are four and two respectively. Their family is a tight-knit bunch, the parents take turns working on movies in an effort to be present for their children as much as possible. Reynolds talked about how nice it was to star in Detective Pikachu and mentioned that his kids were a huge reason he went for the role.

The film's commentary track revealed how much the star's family factored in, "I was excited to do a film that my kids would love. I don't do a lot of films that are not rated-R. For me, that's a big one." Reynolds obviously values his wife and their growing family. The actor felt it was important to share a small portion of this work with them before they got older.

Fans of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu noticed there were deliberate seeds planted for future films. All of this happened while telling the movie's self-contained story in a standalone narrative. Could there be more adventures on the way soon? If director Rob Letterman has his way, probably so. It sounds like there will be room for Reynolds to share the sequels with his newest child when the time comes.


"The future I don't know, we concentrated on this, but we've worked very hard to," Letterman said to "Detective Pikachu's a video game that was in development, sort of in parallel with the movie, and the human story was so great, it made a lot of sense to make a live-action movie about it. Then, we really tried hard to tie it and connect it into the overall Pokémon universe. There are countless Easter eggs in the film that, for hardcore fans, they'll see the links to, you know, all the different Pokémon canon that is out there, starting with literally the first two shots of the film pay tribute to my favorite Pokémon movie that I saw with my kids."

His kids probably won't be seeing the likes of Van Wilder, Deadpool, or any of the other R-rated movies any time soon. For now, they can see their father on the big screen as the lovable electric mascot for the foreseeable future. This probably works well for them, however, his wife will probably have to deal with all this teasing for many years to come.