'Mary Poppins Returns': Disney Exec Says No Sequel in the Works

Mary Poppins Returns somehow managed to successfully bring back the iconic Disney character for a new generation, with Emily Blunt gracefully taking the reins from Julie Andrews. However, even though both audiences and critics enjoyed the film, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing another sequel. At least not any time soon.

This week, Walt Disney Film Studios chairman Alan Horn spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about all the big things going on at the House of Mouse, including the beloved studio's most recent outing. Horn was asked about the future of Mary Poppins, now that it the property has been successfully transitioned into the modern age. It may come as a surprise to learn that there's nothing else coming from the Mary Poppins front.

When presented with the notion of a sequel to Mary Poppins Returns, Horn simply replied, "We have nothing in the works."

The way that Disney has been pursuing sequels and reboots lately, Mary Poppins Returns getting a second installment could have been seen as a sure thing. However, the film wasn't exactly a major hit at the box office, thanks to a big ol' "BOO-YAH" from Jason Momoa.


Mary Poppins Returns squared off against both DC's Aquaman movie and Bumblebee at the Christmas box office this past year. It was widely thought that Disney would run over the competition but that wasn't at all the case. Disney's sequel came in second to Aquaman over its opening weekend, and the gap only widened as time went on. While Aquaman went on to become the highest-grossing DC movie in history, Mary Poppins Returns only grossed $342 million around the globe. That's certainly not a bad haul, and it exceeded its production budget, keeping things in the green, but it doesn't mean that the total wasn't a disappointment for Disney. This film was supposed to rule the holiday box office, but it was nothing more than a consolation prize. It doesn't help that the movie was largely passed over for the Oscars.

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