Edge of Tomorrow Director Says Studio Is "Constantly" Bringing Up Sequel Plans

Could Tom Cruise's deal with Warner Bros. mean an Edge of Tomorrow sequel?

It's been ten years since Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt teamed up in the action/sci-fi flick, Edge of Tomorrow, which was directed by Doug Liman, who recently helmed the Road House remake for Amazon's Prime Video. For years, there have been rumors about a sequel with Blunt saying earlier this year that it could still be a "good" idea, but since so much time has passed, they "would have to reimagine what the sequel would look like." The latest update comes from Liman, who spoke to Total Film about his new movie, The Instigators. During the chat, Liman says Warner Bros. is "constantly" bringing up an Edge of Tomorrow sequel. 

"I do think there's probably no better compliment to a movie than people wanting for there to be a sequel," Liman shared. "Road House - there's call for a sequel. Edge of Tomorrow, there's no better compliment than Warner Bros. constantly bringing up, 'Will you go and make another one of these?'"

"I didn't know if he was going to quit the movie when I proposed to him: What if we made his character a coward? It's totally against the brand of Tom Cruise," he added. "Tom and I recently rewatched Edge Of Tomorrow together... I had not watched it since it came out," he added. "And I have a very short attention span and memory. I wasn't able to watch it entirely as a viewer, but I was definitely also not the filmmaker anymore."

Edge of Tomorrow Almost Got a Sequel: 

Plans for an Edge of Tomorrow sequel actually started to move forward in 2016. Liman agreed to return for the follow-up while writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse oversaw the script. Edge of Tomorrow 2 seemed to be in motion, but things started to fall apart. In 2019, a script rewrite was ordered, and stalls continued happening from there. In January of this year, Cruise reignited hope for the sequel when he signed a partnership deal with Warner Bros. Pictures. The actor has been reportedly negotiating terms for an Edge of Tomorrow sequel, which will hopefully mean the movie will soon become a reality. 

Will Doug Liman Direct Road House 2?

In May, Amazon announced that a sequel to Road House is in the works following the success of the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring remake. In June, Gyllenhaal opened up about the sequel, teasing his excitement about returning to the role of Elwood Dalton and the "expansive" project. 

"All I know is that I'm very excited about it," Gyllenhaal told TVLine. "We've had a number of different ideas that we wanted to explore," he continued. "And the fact that we're going to be able to do that is really exciting." He also added that the sequel "will be expansive, and it will be bigger, and I can't wait" to film it.

While Gyllenhaal is set to return, it's unclear if director Liman will be back as director. When the sequel was announced, Amazon MGM Studios said Road House "attracted nearly 80 million worldwide viewers to date. The film premiered on Prime Video on March 21 and attracted a record-breaking over 50 million worldwide viewers over its first two weekends, becoming Amazon MGM Studios' most-watched produced film debut ever on a worldwide basis."

Stay tuned for more updates about Edge of Tomorrow 2 and Road House 2.