GI Joe Spinoff Movie Starring Chuckles in Development

It looks like Paramount and Hasbro are continuing to expand their plans for a cinematic universe based on the toy company's expansive library, with a new spinoff film focused on the popular GI Joe franchise. But this one features a surprising character that could be a shock to even the most die hard Joe fans.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the companies are working on a spinoff film for GI Joe character Chuckles, a character who has yet to appear in the movies. The character was created in the late '80s and has appeared in comic books and, of course, in the action figures, and is said to be known for his spy craft and infiltration techniques.

Chuckles is in development alongside another spinoff Snake Eyes that will feature the character of the same name in his first solo adventure. This one will focus on the character as he appeared in the first two GI Joe movies, showcasing an action-packed adventure of one of the most popular Joes in the franchise.

The film will involve other characters as it is being described as an ensemble flick, with a script coming from Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol writers Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec.

This story is developing and will be updated with more information.