Gladiator 2 Trailer Released

Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal star in Ridley Scott's new epic.

An epic battle is headed to the box office. On Tuesday, Paramount Pictures unveiled the first teaser trailer for Gladiator 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to Ridley Scott's 2000 hit Gladiator. The Gladiator 2 trailer gives fans the first look at Lucius (Paul Mescal) and Marcus Acacius (Pedro Pascal), who are about to be locked in a massive duel.

"I love doing period films. I love the research. I love to create sort of smells of the period," Scott, who returns to direct Gladiator 2, explained in 2021. "I think what we did with the first Gladiator…I don't like being critical of other things that have happened before, but I wasn't the biggest fan of Hollywood Roman epics, honestly. They felt artificial and so, when I was asked to consider a script, the script was not very good. But the person who gave it to me said, I want to show you one thing, and he picked up an illustration, this is true, it's called For Those About to Die by Gérôme. He holds it up. It's a picture of this big painting of the Coliseum, and in the corner there is this guy, about to tuna fork this poor bastard. He's got this thing in his neck, and he's looking up for permission to kill. I went, bloody hell, that's never been done properly before. Never. I said, I'll do it. He said you will? I said yes. Did you want to read the script? I said no, and we went off and hit the ground running around the table, and evolved the new material."

What Is Gladiator 2 About?

In Gladiator 2, Lucius—the grandson of Rome's former emperor Marcus Aurelius and son of Lucilla—lives with his wife and child in Numidia. Roman soldiers led by general Marcus Acacius invade, forcing Lucius into slavery. Inspired by the story of Maximus, Lucius resolves to fight as a gladiator while opposing the rule of the young emperors Caracalla and Geta.

Gladiator 2 will also star Joseph Quinn, Connie Nielsen, Denzel Washington, May Calamawy, Fred Hechinger, Lior Raz, Derek Jacobi, Peter Mensah, and Matt Lucas. The film is directed by Ridley Scott, off of a script from David Scarpa. Russell Crowe, who originally starred as Maximus in the first Gladiatorhas repeatedly expressed that he is not involved with the new sequel.

Gladiator 2 will be released exclusively in theaters on November 22nd.