HBO Max Executive Shares Service Plans to Keep Momentum in 2021

HBO Max says they have a plan to keep their momentum from 2020 rolling into this year. Brad [...]

HBO Max says they have a plan to keep their momentum from 2020 rolling into this year. Brad Wilson, the head of growth and revenue for the company, spoke about their efforts to keep the train rolling. (Maybe start by bringing back Infinity Train? Just a thought.) Their focus will be on original content and those kinds of franchises according to some comments on Cheddar News. Wilson pointed out the success of The Flight Attendant and the dominance of Godzilla vs Kong as clear indicators of where their wins were coming from. It's hard to argue with that assessment. When you hear fans talk about HBO Max on social media, one of the biggest pros they list are the original series and same-day theatrical releases. Those will carry on into the middle of this current year, so it makes sense that they would keep the ball rolling as long as possible.

"Well, I think momentum is going to continue because we have a great slate of original programming," he began. "As we always do with HBO and HBO Max. So, whether it was about kicking off the momentum in Q4 2020 with The Flight Attendant or The Undoing. We;re keeping that going with such series as The Mayor of East Town and The Nevers. We have a great slate of original programming coming. With, certainly, the Sex and the City reboot and Mindy Kaling's Sex, Lies, and College as an example."

"We also have the Warner Bros. day/day premieres," he continued. "Everybody knows those well. Whether it was Godzilla vs. Kong lighting up the box office and driving the momentum for HBO Max. We have many more of those films left to come throughout the duration of the year. So, we're quite excited about what's yet to come."

Previously John Stankey talked about the merger with Discovery:

"This agreement unites two entertainment leaders with complementary content strengths and positions the new company to be one of the leading global direct-to-consumer streaming platforms," John Stankey said in a statement. "It will support the fantastic growth and international launch of HBO Max with Discovery's global footprint and create efficiencies which can be re-invested in producing more great content to give consumers what they want. For AT&T shareholders, this is an opportunity to unlock value and be one of the best capitalized broadband companies, focused on investing in 5G and fiber to meet substantial, long-term demand for connectivity. AT&T shareholders will retain their stake in our leading communications company that comes with an attractive dividend. Plus, they will get a stake in the new company, a global media leader that can build one of the top streaming platforms in the world."

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