Harry Styles Addresses Rumors He's Next to Play James Bond After Daniel Craig

Even though No Time to Die has been pushed back until next April, Daniel Craig's time as James [...]

Even though No Time to Die has been pushed back until next April, Daniel Craig's time as James Bond is rapidly coming to a close. The actor has confirmed the next entry in the spy franchise would be his last and one of the biggest questions in Hollywood remains: "Who's the next James Bond?" One popular rumor moving about the internet is the idea Harry Styles could replace Craig as the world's foremost martini aficionado.

In one recent interview, however, Styles shut down any notion that he's already signed on for the role. Stopping short of any confirmation, the musician-turned-actor said it'd be his dream to play Bond at some point in the duration of the franchise.

"I grew up watching those," Styles recently told the Daily Mail (via Pop Culture.) "You know, I loved him when I was a kid. So I think it's kind of everyone's dream a little bit, right?"

Though Styles was turned into a household name for his involvement in the boy band One Direction, he has since turned to solo music career and acting. Outside of a recurring appearance on Saturday Night Live, Styles' largest role to date came with Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk.

Craig has confirmed on more than one occasion that No Time to Die is going to be his last appearance as 007. The film is Craig's fifth as the lead character, behind Spectre, Skyfall, Quantum of Solace, and Casino Royale.

"This is it. That's it, it's over," Craig reassured of his exit in an interview earlier this year. "But I, for one, am incredibly happy I got the chance to come back and do another one, because… this movie, whatever people think of it — who knows what people are going to think of it — everybody, including these people here, just put everything into it. And we did our best. And it feels like that. I know it sounds simplistic, but we did."

Even when factoring in inflation, Craig's one of the highest-grossing Bonds to hit the box office. His appearance in Skyfall has amounted to a global haul of $1.1 billion. Spectre ($880 million) follows right behind while Casino Royale ($669 million) and Quantum of Solace ($622 million) finish towards the middle of the pack.

No Time to Die is now set for release on April 2, 2021.

Who's your favorite Bond to date? Who would you like to see replace Craig? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Cover photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage