Jennifer Lawrence Rumored to Join Marvel's Fantastic Four Reboot

When it comes to the Fantastic Four's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are few [...]

When it comes to the Fantastic Four's arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are few details. During Disney's Investor Day back in December, it was confirmed that Marvel's First Family will return to the big screen with Spider-Man 3 director Jon Watts at the helm but beyond that, everything else is speculation and now there's another rumor floating around, that X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence will be part of the very eagerly awaited film. A report from The Daily Telegraph (via Murphy's Multiverse) claims that Marvel will shoot the Fantastic Four film and that Lawrence will be heading there for it, though the rumor didn't note exactly who she would play.

As rumors go, this one is a little odd. First, it's a bit early for production on a movie that hasn't even been placed on the schedule or had any official casting news to begin production, but even if you look past that, Watts is still at work on the third Spider-Man film. Shooting on that film isn't expected to end until sometime in March, but shooting also isn't the end of the filmmaking process. The report indicates that Lawrence is headed Down Under to begin filming around that time so the timing doesn't quite line up.

There's also the consideration of the source. The Daily Telegraph which first reported things is an Australian tabloid newspaper and thus far, there doesn't appear to be any corroboration of the rumor from other sources. It's also worth considering that Lawrence is at work on Netflix's Don't Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio in Boston, though principal photography on that project wrapped on February 18th.

It's also worth considering Lawrence's X-Men experience. Lawrence played Mystique in four X-Men films and with the X-Men also back under Marvel Studios' control, it seems unlikely that Lawrence would be moving on to a Fantastic Four role and while a cameo connecting the X-Men to the larger MCU wouldn't be out of the question, we've kind of already gotten a bit of that with Evan Peter's appearance as "Pietro" in WandaVision (though what's really going on there remains a mystery.)

At this point, the rumor that Lawrence is joining Fantastic Four is just that, a rumor. For now, all we know about Fantastic Four is that Watts will direct and that the fan-favorite characters are headed to the MCU. The film is currently in development with no estimated release date.

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