Jordan Peele's Next Movie Gets New Release Date

The mysterious new film will be released on October 23, 2026.

We're officially one step closer to seeing Jordan Peele's next cinematic endeavor. On Monday, Peele tweeted out a graphic with the unnamed movie's new release date — October 23, 2026. The mystery film, which is being distributed by Universal, was already set to be released on December 25, 2024, before being delayed due to last year's Hollywood strikes. While absolutely no details are known about the plot of Peele's new movie, fans will surely attempt to draw their own conclusions from the serif font and reddish-pink color of the date announcement. 

This new mystery project will mark Peele's fourth theatrical film as a director, following 2017's Get Out, 2019's Us, and 2022's Nope. Peele is currently under a five-year exclusive deal with Universal, which has also led to him producing Nia DaCosta's reboot of Candyman, as well as Dev Patel's directorial debut Monkey Man as part of his Monkeypaw Productions banner.

What Is Jordan Peele's New Movie About?

Thus far, no details have been made public about Peele's next movie, including the genre or any actors attached. Peele's previous films have also been shrouded in various levels of secrecy, although the director previously indicated that this new venture could be his "favorite" one yet.

"This has been ... Obviously, it's been an interesting year because the writer's strike had had me in a state of listening, and that's where I need to be," Peele revealed on the Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend podcast earlier this year. "I do feel like my next project is clear to me, and I'm psyched that I have another film that, you know, could be my favorite movie if I make it right."

Is Jordan Peele Working on a Video Game?

After Peele indicating for quite some time that he would like to work on a video game, it was confirmed late last year that he is partnering with legendary creator Hideo Kojima on the new game OD. Unveiled during the 2023 Game Awards, the horror-based game will star Sophia Lillis, Hunter Scaefer, and Udo Kier, and will be co-written by Peele and Kojima.

"It seems I have been acknowledged by creating games that go against the current of the times, such as 'hide-and-seek' games where you sneak into a building without being detected by the enemy, or 'delivery games' where you enjoy moving around in an open world," Kojima wrote on Twitter earlier this year. "For me, the most experimental game was 'defeating vampires outside your house' using actual sunlight around you. It was met with fierce opposition from the staff and even within the company. In that sense, OD is just as different."