Kevin Smith On Justice League Snyder Cut: "I Would Sure Love To See It"

Kevin Smith says that he would really love to see Justice League’s Snyder Cut at some point. The [...]

Kevin Smith says that he would really love to see Justice League's Snyder Cut at some point. The director joined to talk about a number of topics and he gave his personal stories about the Snyder Cut. Now, the Clerks filmmaker hasn't seen it himself but has talked to multiple VFX workers who spent time on Justice League. For Snyder devotees, there is a wealth of detail that supports some of the previously reported facts. Smith began, "As someone who makes movies, it's sad to see someone's vision interrupted. I honestly would like to see the story continued and concluded."

"I was talking to some cats who were in visual effects. They had done some visual effects on Justice League," Smith began. "They saw the boards layed out, very elaborate boards, some of them drawn by Jim Lee that laid out the three movies that they were going to make. Somewhere it became two. I guess the idea was, the movies were Batman v Superman, Justice League 1, and Justice League 2. There was this vision of a grand universe. He said he saw Martian Manhunter on it. He said he saw Green Lanterns and stuff like that."

"So, he broke down the script that he got to read. The movie that they shot originally, and then the movie that we saw," Smith continued. "That's where I first heard about what we would call the Snyder Cut. From people that worked on the movie, special effects people, they were like, 'Dude, Darkseid was in it. This was in it…' They went through everything. Then we did an episode of Fatman Beyond and we were reading some Internet piece about someone who had said Darkseid was in it.

"Someone in our audience, Jaimie Gathers, who comes to all of our shows. She had gone to a test screening, so she saw a version of it that had this stuff in it. She saw the Snyder Cut version before they did the reshoot because she described things that had been included as rough drawings and stuff. So they told the audience that this wasn't finished by any stretch of the imagination. Some of the stuff she described was Darkseid and was this much grander vision for the movie."

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