Kevin Smith Confirms Clerks III Reshoots Happening Soon

Movie fans are used to hearing about "reshoots" a lot these days, especially since Marvel Studios has very publicly noted that they build time into their budgets and schedules for additional photography later on in the process, and now even Kevin Smith's Clerks III is about to have some of that as well. Reshoots might be the common terminology online and among fans but in this case it actually really is additional photography for the film as Smith revealed they planned for this while shooting the sequel in New Jersey. Smith spoke more about the extra scenes they plan to film during his latest FatMan Beyond LIVE podcast, revealing they'll shoot the scenes in December.

"More or less I'm done cutting it," Smith confirmed. "December 7th we're going to do in Glendale a day of pickups. There's a sequence in the movie where in Clerks III the premise is the boys make what is essentially Clerks. So before they do that they have auditions and back East we shot a few people for the auditions but we always had the intention of picking up most of the folks we know back here. So the backdrop is real simple, it's just like a black curtain, you set it up that way so that it's like 'When we get back home we can just set it up in a place and spend a day running people through.' All you need is, because it's rapid fire, everybody does a line.....Everybody does a line from the script. You can get it done in honestly like a two, three hour window usually. It's a fun sequence. So we're not technically done with the cut, however I'm showing it tomorrow to the good folks at Lionsgate, to the rest of the people that didn't see it (before)."

Smith also offered a bit of a tease about the film's release date, confirming that it won't debut until next year but now the conversation is all about what part of the year it will arrive.

"There's conversation about 'When's the movie coming out?' and it's definitely 2022. Question right now is 'Is it mid-2022 or later 2022?' So that's where we are with the picture right now, also going through music, trying to secure songs."

For what it's worth, the first Clerks was released in October back in 1994 with 2006's Clerks II debuting in July. The new film will reunite Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Rosario Dawson, Trevor Fehrman, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Jason Mewes as Jay, and Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, completing the trilogy.