Natasha Lyonne Is Ready to Fight Mark Ruffalo to Play Columbo

For a long time, rumors have circulated that Marvel Cinematic Universe star Mark Ruffalo might [...]

For a long time, rumors have circulated that Marvel Cinematic Universe star Mark Ruffalo might play Columbo, the role originated by Peter Falk in the television series that premiered in the 1970s. In fact, reported on the rumors back in 2014, but nothing came of the news that screenwriter Gary Whitta was working on a Columbo project. However, many people still take to Twitter to post about the idea, saying they'd love to see Ruffalo play the homicide detective. "Why hasn't the @MarkRuffalo Columbo reboot happened yet," @DrHagson wondered just a few days ago. "MARK RUFFALO IN COLUMBO REBOOT," @AbsurdistTravis recently wrote. Well, it turns out Ruffalo isn't the only actor people want to see in the role. Recently, a fan tweeted that the part should go to Russian Doll star, Natasha Lyonne, and she's willing to fight Ruffalo for the part.

"Seen an uptick of people demanding Mark Ruffalo as Colombo again. I dunno how many times I have to tell you all that the only person for that job is @nlyonne," @BrndnStrssng tweeted. "I'll fight Ruffalo for it if I have to. Me and you, after class, Warriors style for Columbo. @MarkRuffalo Seems like the only reasonable way to settle this hypothetical," Lyonne replied. "Natasha, I think Colombo is so great a part we should all be able to play it. I want to play Agatha Christie too," Ruffalo responded. You can check out the tweet interaction below:

Someone suggested the two actors duke it out in a cage match, to which Lyonne replied, "My sense is we're both too inherently non violent for this. It would clearly have to be a #CaseMatch. We each get a case and whoever cracks it first, wins." Director Edgar Wright also chimed in with an idea: "Why not make the 'That Obscure Object Of Desire' version and have you and Ruffalo alternate scenes as Columbo? I'd watch that," he suggested.

Honestly, we're having trouble deciding who we'd rather see in the role, so we think Wright might have the best suggestion. What about you? Would you like to see a new take on Columbo? Who is your first choice to play the part? Tell us in the comments!

Ruffalo can be seen next in the new HBO series, I Know This Much Is True, which is expected to premiere on May 10th.