Netflix and Blumhouse Exit Martial Arts Drama Absolute Dominion From Director Lexi Alexander

Netflix and Blumhouse have bowed out of Absolute Dominion, a new martial arts drama from Punisher: War Zone director Lexi Alexander. Per a vague comment from Alexander on Twitter (which has since been deleted), it seems the film is still going forward, but according to numerous reports, Blumhouse will not produce it, and Netflix will not distribute it. Set in 2085, the movie centers on a futuristic martial arts tournament in which the victor wins absolute dominion for one religion. Production in Nevada wrapped in August, and the film is now in post-production, according to TheWrap.

Bill and Ted Face the Music star Alex Winter, who is more active behind the camera than in front of if these days, will act in the project. Winter joins a diverse cast including The Porter's Oluniké Adeliyi, Jerry Maguire's Reagan Gomez, and Better Call Saul's Julie Ann Emery in Absolute Dominion.

Absolute Dominion's cast will also include performance artist Alok Vaid-Menon, model Désiré Mia, and Upload' Andy Allo. Jennifer Jajeh (Transparent), Juliana Joel (American Gigolo), June Carryl (Helstrom), Junes Zahdi (Dog), Laith Ashley (Strut), Mario D'Leon (Daredevil), Nora Armani (The Blacklist: Redemption), Shawn Mousavi (Preacher), and Patton Oswalt (Marvel's Agents of SHIELD) round out the cast. When the movie was first announced in April, most news outlets led with Oswalt and Winter as the stars, leading Alexander to criticize coverage of the film focusing exclusively on the white members of the cast.

Alexander, a former martial artist and stunt performer, exploded onto the scene with 2005's acclaimed Green Street Hooligans, and while War Zone was not a huge commercial success, Alexander earned praise for her action direction in it. She has gone on to direct episodes of TV shows like SupergirlArrow, and How to Get Away With Murder.   

Alexander will produce, along with Jason Blum, John McKeown and Scott Putman. Chris McCumber and Jeremy Gold will executive produce for Blumhouse Television. Ultimate Dominion marks Alexander's first feature film as director since 2010's Lifted, and her first action movie since Punisher: War Zone two years before. Winter, who spends most of his time directing and producing, said on Instagram that he has been waiting for years to see what Alexander would do next, and that he is excited to be part of the project.

Alexander was a champion kickboxer before starting her career in show business. She has recruited famed martial artist and actor Phil Tan, who has appeared in Showdown in Little TokyoBatman, and Lethal Weapon, to oversee fight choreography.

There is no official word yet on a new distributor or release date for Absolute Dominion.