Nicolas Cage's Dream Scenario Trailer Released

Nicolas Cage is appearing in your dreams during the new Dream Scenario trailer

Nicolas Cage stars in the brand new trailer for Dream Scenario from A24. Viral fame isn't all its cracked up to be in the arthouse studio's latest comedy. Writer and director Kristofer Borgli meditates on what it would be like for a regular Joe to be catapult into the world spotlight, and if that everyman looked like Nicolas Cage. A24 is no stranger to these kinds of projects and fans of the actor and studio are both excited to see what Borgli's new movie brings to the table here. November 10th will see the comedy hit theaters. Check out the trailer for yourself down below.

Dream Scenario sees Nicolas Cage transformed into evolutionary biologist Paul Matthews. He's an ordinary guy content on studying ants and other sauna when he starts appearing in people's dreams. As the phenomenon of seeing Matthews at night starts to spread, of course the media attention becomes a swarm. Neither his wife Janet (played by Julianne Nicholson) or his family have any idea why these random people keep meeting him at night. As Matthews embraces the attention from all sides, it becomes clear that he has no idea what's he's welcoming into his life and that could be catastrophic.

Nicolas Cage Keeping Busy With The Retirement Plan




2023 has seen Nicolas Cage pop-up in a couple of places so far. Another project that sees the beloved actor play a main role is One Media's The Retirement Plan. In that feature, Cage is an aging hitman looking to get back into the game. His daughter is trying to carve out her own path in this dangerous profession. It's up to his weary assassin to help his family in a classic-style Nic Cage action-comedy. The people over at One Media and director Tim Brown are excited about that movie too.

"I am thrilled to be working with Falling Forward and Productivity Media on the theatrical release of this film," Brown told Deadline. "I'm super grateful to Nic and the rest of the cast, and being able to watch this film in theaters is a childhood dream come true."

"This film is destined to be another classic Nic Cage action-comedy," Scott Kennedy, President of Falling Forward Films said in a statement. "We are big supporters of the theatrical experience and there is nothing better than to have the audience experience the laughter and the thrills of The Retirement Plan on the big screen."

The Flash Brings Nic Cage's Superman To The Big Screen


A lot of DC Comics fans were stunned to see Nicolas Cage as Superman in The Flash earlier this year. His version of the hero from the canceled Superman Lives movie ended up in the movie's maligned Multiverse showcase scene. It seems lie a lot of that Superman remained intact despite all the time that's passed. Cage himself addressed the weird cameo in an interview with USA Today. He was happy to see it, and even described what his Superman would have been like.

"Well, I was glad I didn't blink. For me, it was the feeling of being actualized," Cage explained. "Even that look for that particular character, finally seeing it on screen, was satisfying. But as I said, it's quick. If you really wanted to know what I was going do with that character, look at my performance in City of Angels."

"I was supposed [to play] Clark Kent after [City of Angels], and I was already developing this alien otherness playing this angel. That is a perfect example of the tonality you would've gotten for Kal-El and for Clark Kent," Cage added. "Clark would've been a little more amusing but Kal-El [had] the sensitivity and the goodness and the vulnerability and all those feelings that were kind of angelic and also terrifying."

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