Redbox Unveils Free On Demand Streaming Service

After years and years of renting DVDs out of kiosks, Redbox is looking to dive a little deeper [...]

After years and years of renting DVDs out of kiosks, Redbox is looking to dive a little deeper into the waters of streaming. The rental service announced on Tuesday a new streaming option, Free On Demand, which will allow folks to stream movies at no cost. This isn't a fully standalone streaming service, but it does operate in a similar way to Vudu and IMDb's free offerings. There is a large selection of titles for users to choose from, as long as they're willing to watch some ads throughout the program.

The Free On Demand program arrived on Tuesday morning as a part of the Redbox app. Just like the Live TV option that was unveiled a while back, Free On Demand can be accessed through Redbox, simply by checking out the "Free" tab on the home screen.

In addition to iOS mobile devices, Redbox Free On Demand is also available on Roku, Android, and Vizio. Support for LG, Xbox, Samsung, and Google Chromecast will be added in the near future.

The current films available on Redbox Free On Demand include Haywire, Lord of War, The Brothers Bloom, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, The Descent, Code, Ghost in the Shell, Battle Royale, Kickboxer, and The Illusionist.

"Today's audiences are fueling an unprecedented demand for premium quality on-demand content that is free with advertising. We expect to see continued growth in AVOD, making Free on Demand a significant addition to our free streaming platform," said Chris Yates, GM of Redbox On Demand, in a press release.

At this time, Redbox hasn't given any indication as to when it will be adding new movies to the on demand service, or how frequent that turnaround will be. However, that doesn't change the fact that there are still free movies available to stream on several different devices. For anyone who enjoys streaming their content, this is surely a win.

This won't interfere with the traditional Redbox kiosks, either. The company's main program will still operate as intended.

What do you think of Redbox's new streaming service option? Will you be checking out the Free On Demand library? Let us know in the comments!