Ryan Reynolds Addresses if He Would Host the Oscars

When he's not working as an actor, producer, businessman, and advertising maven, Ryan Reynolds has developed a penchant for campaigning or things on social media. The latest project of Reynolds is an effort to get "Good Afternoon", the original song from his recent Apple TV+ movie Spirited, nominated for an Academy Award. In a recent interview, Reynolds spoke about the hope (especially now that the song has made its way onto the Oscar shortlist) — and was asked if he would be willing to host the entire Oscars ceremony, if given the opportunity.

"I can't imagine hosting the Oscars, where the ultimate win for me would be breaking even," Reynolds revealed. "What do you have to gain there? That's a tough job. I have such admiration for the folks to step up and do that. Hey and they always do it well."

What is Spirited about?

Each Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Will Ferrell) selects one dark soul to be reformed by a visit from three spirits. But this season, he picked the wrong Scrooge. Clint Briggs (Ryan Reynolds) turns the tables on his ghostly host until Present finds himself reexamining his own past, present and future. For the first time, A Christmas Carol is told from the perspective of the ghosts in this hilarious musical twist on the classic Dickens tale.

Along with Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, the Spirited cast includes Octavia Spencer (The Help), Sunita Mani (GLOW), Patrick Page (Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical), and Aimee Carrero (Elena of Avalor).

Does Ryan Reynolds make commercials?

This push for "Spirited" is just one of many examples of Reynolds' advertisements heading into clever and meta directions, including (but certainly not limited to) casting actress Monica Ruiz shortly after she starred in a bizarre Peloton advertisementbringing Rick Moranis out of retirement, and even creating a commercial with Kids in the Hall actor Dave Foley in the span of six hours.

"We're really risk-averse," Reynolds previously said of his Mint Mobile and Aviation Gin campaigns. "So, people really think that we like to shoot from the hip, because we move so quickly and that sort of stuff. But, we really think this stuff through. We really find our guard rails. In the same way I write Deadpool. It's like, 'Okay, what is a person that's hyper-sensitive to this type of material going to say?' What's the guy who just doesn't give a **** about anything going to say? I want to find the middle where everyone feels sort of seen in that."
"I've approached that with Aviation and everything else we're working on," Reynolds added. "Working through that lens of empathy and that guides us in a weird way. That doesn't mean that you can't be subversive or super funny, and risky, or at least feel super risky. But, it definitely prevents you from stepping in the wrong direction. I say that knowing that I am just as susceptible to stepping in something that I didn't mean to step in as anybody. There are mistakes."

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Spirited is now available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+.

h/t: Deadline