Ryan Reynolds Reveals Best Buy's Geek Squad Once Rejected His Application

Ryan Reynolds is calling out Best Buy for not hiring them for their Geek Squad team. In a new ad for this Mint Mobile wireless company, Reynolds appears on camera to announce that Mint is now available in nearly a thousand Best Buy stores. He goes on to say that while this is a proud partnership moment for Best Buy - for him, it's personal. Apparently, a young Ryan Reynolds once tried to get a job as part of Best Buy's Geek Squad - and was resoundingly rejected. Guess who's having the last laugh now?

Here's the full transcript of Ryan Reynolds latest ad for Mint Mobile:

Hi I'm Ryan Reynolds, owner of Mint Mobile. Today I'm super excited to announce that Mint Unlimted is now available in almost 1,000 Best Buy stores. It's obviously an important day for the company, but it's also a deeply personal achievement. In the early 90s, my application to the Geek Squad was rejected - despite this being my actual face, hair, and clothes. You're forgiven Best Buy. You're forgiven."

Ryan Reynolds purchased an ownership stake in Mint Mobile (formerly a division of Ultra Mobile) nearly a year ago now. Since then, the actor has cleverly used his celebrity status and impressive social media platforms to successfully hype and market the mobile company. Indeed, between Mint Mobile and his Aviation American Gin alcohol venture, it's becoming more and more apparent that Ryan Reynolds really is, at heart, a marketing mogul in the making.

Launching Mint Mobile has really fostered Reynolds' niche brand of mixing his Deadpool-brand wit and humor with advertising and sales, creating a trend of viral marketing successes for the actor. This latest ad is a perfect example: an hour after launching it on Twitter, Reynolds already has 173.7K views on his ad and counting; his comedic jab at Best Buy is clearly making headlines (hence this article), and in doing so, Ryan Reynolds successfully sells the promotion that Mint Mobile is now available in Best Buy stores.

Like we said: you're looking at a new marketing mogul in the making.

In terms of his day job: Ryan Reynolds has big things waiting for him. His video game film Free Guy is ready and waiting for release; he's re-teaming with Samuel L. Jackson for the action sequel The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard; he's jumping in with The Rock and Gal Gadot for Netflix's Red Notice; and, there's still the Deadpool franchise waiting in the wings over at Disney/Marvel Studios, where Reynolds could be inducted into the larger Avengers franchise.


So: good time to be Ryan Reynolds.