Edgar Wright Doesn't Like Seth MacFarlane for Talking Trash About Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

In many corners of the nerd community, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World remains one of the most beloved [...]

In many corners of the nerd community, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World remains one of the most beloved comic book movies in recent years. The adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's beloved graphic novel series hit theaters in 2010, and has grown to be a bonafide cult classic in the years since. Unfortunately, the film's initial box office numbers didn't necessarily reflect that, as the film ultimately made just over $48 million on an $85 million budget. Those circumstances sparked a slew of negative comments, including from actor and filmmaker Seth MacFarlane. As director Edgar Wright recently revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, MacFarlane's remarks surrounding the film have still stung with him.

"It got good reviews, and all the people who were coming to the Q&A's were really loving it and fervent about it," Wright explained. "But that didn't translate initially."

"It opened the same weekend as The Expendables and Eat Pray Love. I remember getting an email from Marc Platt, one of the film's producers, on the Friday asking Universal to put more into the spend and predicting doom for the weekend," Wright continued. "And I thought — naively — I thought, Well, it's only Friday morning, how could they know? They know. It opened at number five. It's that thing where it becomes a bit of a punch line. I've never liked Seth MacFarlane, because that weekend he tweeted "Scott Pilgrim 0, the World 2." I was like, f--- you."

"And then I lay in wait until 8 Million Ways to Die in the West came out, or whatever it was called, and I rubbed my hands with glee," Wright continued. "I didn't tweet anything because I'm not a total monster. [Laughs] But Monday morning Michael Moses sent an email with three words. It was one of the sweetest emails I've ever gotten from anybody in the industry. It said, 'Years, not days.'"

It's definitely safe to say that Scott Pilgrim has endured in the years since, with fans constantly clamoring for some kind of sequel or follow-up.

"For me, that 'well' would just mean being around that group again," Michael Cera, who played the titular character, recently explained to ComicBook.com. "It was such a great group. Fortunately, we all do get together and it really was like a great band or something and we all loved being around each other and that happens, obviously, less and less, but when the movie was coming out and even a few years after that, we were all hanging out quite a lot."

"Bill Pope, who's the cinematographer, was doing brunches quite regularly with his wife Sharon," Cera added. "It really felt like an extended family. It's 10 years later, so obviously life, for everybody, is doing their own thing. I would love, if it meant getting everyone to hang out for a while again, I would love that. Hopefully, this being the 10th anniversary, it will give us some excuse to get together."