See RoboCop's New Look Up Close in New Set Photos

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The Jose Padilha-directed remake of RoboCop is one of the most anticipated and controversial films currently in production, with a slew of stars and a rising star for a director but on the other hand a lot of audience skepticism and rumors that the script has problems. On top of everything, photos of the new costume have been met online with almost universal disdain. Will that change now that we've got a bit of a closer look at the character (thanks to Comic Book Movie, who found it on the photographer's Flickr page), including his famous eye-line on the visor and a look at his Lawgiver-inspired handgun? It's hard to say, but for my money the costume is improved somewhat by that simple red line. RoboCop stars Joel Kinnaman, best known as one of the stars of AMC's The Killing, a remake of a Dutch television series by the same name. It also stars Gary Oldman, who appeared in the Dark Knight Trilogy from director Christopher Nolan. The film's villain is Michael Keaton, who has some Gotham City history of his own. Comic book movie veterans Samuel L. Jackson and Jackie Earle Haley also star. The RoboCop franchise began in 1987 under Total Recall director Paul Verhoeven (there's another remake! What is it with these guys?), and like Tim Burton's Batman, inspired a number of sequels, as well as video games and both live-action and animated TV series, before the quality of the franchise deteriorated to the point where it went on hiatus and filmmakers came back convinced that the only way out of the mess they were in was reboot.