Star Wars: Mark Hamill Secretly Revealed His Real Phone Number in Famous A New Hope Scene

Part of what made Star Wars: A New Hope such a success was its script from George Lucas, with the film rarely deviating from that story, though the scene in which our heroes are on the brink of being squashed in the trash compactor also includes Mark Hamill seemingly revealing his actual phone number at the time, despite Harrison Ford threatening to take the moment away from his co-star. Given that the scene merely features Luke reciting a number of digits and that he doesn't include an area code, it seems unlikely that anyone could have contacted the star had they somehow discovered the significance of the numbers.

"Then, of course, there is that famous fight between me and Harrison," Hamill seemingly revealed during an unspecified interview which was shared to Twitter. "In the scene where we're trying to get out of the garbage masher, I was supposed to say, 'Threepio, open the...,' and give this long serial number. So I had planned all along to say, '2--,' so my own number would be forever preserved on film. But the way the scene was blocked the day of, I wasn't near the door -- so Harrison got to say the line and he started doing his number and that really burned me up. I said to him, 'Come on, say mine, I thought of it!' But he kept doing his own and I got madder. Finally, Harrison read my number and said, 'Happy now, you big baby?' And I laughed because I felt busted 'cause I'd been acting like a two-year-old."

The theatrically released film doesn't actually see Ford reciting the line, but instead Luke says the digits "326-3827," so it's unclear if the scene was once again modified from what Hamill had wanted to say and this isn't his real phone number.

Even if the scene in the film doesn't actually include Hamill's real phone number, the actor detailed earlier this year how he improvised the line in A New Hope in which Luke complains about not being able to see out of the stormtrooper helmet.

"It was not scripted, but I said it when I knew the cameras were rolling," Hamill shared on Twitter. "I knew it didn't matter because I had the helmet on & no one could see my face anyway. Everyone liked it, so George let me keep the line in subsequent takes."


Star Wars: A New Hope is now streaming on Disney+.

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