Swipe with Friends Launches, Making a "Tinder for Movies"

Streaming services have hit a zenith over the past couple of years, with more platforms adding more titles basically every day. More often than not, many subscribers find themselves overwhelmed by the number of options that are at their fingertips -- and it looks like a new platform is here to help with that. Reelgood has recently released "Swipe with Friends", a service that sets out to help groups of people who are stumped about what to watch on streaming. The platform utilizes a Tinder-like swiping interface, allowing each member of a group to swipe left or right on movies and TV shows that are recommended to them, until they all "match" on a single title.

"Over the years, we've seen a lot of discussion about a "tinder for movies" and even a few apps designed to make movie-matching-magic," Eli Chamberlin, the Head of Product & Design at Reelgood, says on the service's Product Hunt website. "Heck, even we built a few prototypes. This time, we think we’ve nailed it."

Swipe With Friends doesn't require users to set up an account or download an app, and allows users to share a URL with everyone in their group. It also uses Reelgood's filters to cover 140+ streaming services, allowing the group to pick and choose from the services they already have access to.

When it comes to the Swipe with Friends suggestions themselves, Reelgood uses a slew of different quantifiers and filters, including IMDb score, genre, release year, and more.

"Just share the link at the top with the people you're watching with, and start swiping! Swipe left on things you don't want to watch, and right on things you do," the service's website reads. "Soon as there's a match, you'll see 'em over on the "matches" tab. Whether you're watching together in person or via virtual watch party, Swipe with Friends gets everybody on the same page fast. No more arguments over what to watch, no more Ryan Gosling-style yelling at your partner "What do you want?" Finding what to watch with your partner or a group has never been simpler or more fun."


If you want to try out Reelgood's Swipe with Friends for yourself, you can do so here.

Will you be using Swipe with Friends to decide your next streaming pick? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!