The Flash 2 Script Is Reportedly Already Written Despite Ezra Miller Controversies

The Flash won't be releasing across theaters until next year, but the script for a sequel film is reportedly already written despite the numerous controversies involving the franchise's main star, Ezra Miller. The actor has been involved with a number of controversies during the production of the film with multiple arrests in Hawaii, and most recently pleading Not Guilty to a burglary charge that could carry up to 26 years in prison with a maximum sentence. Warner Bros. Discovery has reportedly been considering their options to move forward with the movie, and reportedly already have plans in place for the sequel. 

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Discovery is moving forward on "several fronts" for its A-List characters and is even preparing for a potential future beyond that. These plans include a possible return from Henry Cavill's Superman among other things, but notably also include plans for The Flash's future despite Ezra Miller's controversies. In fact, according to the report the script for the sequel has already been written in the case that The Flash does well when it releases next year. 

(Photo: Warner Bros)

The Flash reportedly has a sequel script written by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (who has co-written scripts for Aquaman, The Conjuring 2 and more) to be ready should the first movie do well in theaters when it launches next June. But unfortunately the report does not offer details about Miller's involvement in not only the first film, but future projects. As many have pointed out, Miller's continued involvement in the project (and even reported extra filming while in the midst of other investigations) remains a sticking point for many. 

Regardless of how fans might feel about the current state of the project, it seems like the executives at Warner are hoping to make a big splash with this coming film to the point where they are ready to roll on what could come next should it be a success at the box office. But as many other developments start to take place surrounding Miller and their role in the project, these plans could end up being impacted in ways Warner might not expect

The Flash is currently scheduled to hit theaters on June 23, 2023, and does star Miller in the titular role following their time in the Justice League film before. How do you feel about The Flash sequel already being in motion? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! 

(h/t THR)