Thor: Ragnarok Villains Almost Looked Much More Terrifying

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, each passing movie grows larger in scale. After two relatively grounded features — as grounded as an Asgardian god can be, that is — Thor: Ragnarok arrived on the scene and blew the lid off any expectations of what the franchise would look like moving forward. That much was evident right out of the gate when Thor (Chris Hemsworth) finds himself trapped in Muspelheim, an extradimensional realm ruled by Surtur.

A Fire Giant through and through, Surtur brought the heat — pun intended — within the feature's opening minutes. Though he and his Hellish minions were annoying enough, they could have had a much scarier look. A new piece of concept art shared by Ian Joyner shows a take on the fire demons that is much more organic in nature, as compared to the rockish looks of the final design.

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Another lil’ fire demon concept for #thorragnarok #firedemon #monster #creaturedesign #concetart #mcu #marvel #thor

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Now that Ragnarok has become a runaway hit, Marvel Studios gave director Taika Waititi another shot at the character, this time around with Thor: Love and Thunder. According to the filmmaker, Love and Thunder will make Ragnarok feel safe.

"It makes Ragnarok feel like a really run-of-the-mill, really safe film," the director said during a watch party with fans earlier this year. "This new movie feels like we asked a bunch of 10-year-olds what they wanted to see and then just said yes to every single thing."

Better yet, Ragnarok Jeff Goldblum also teased a potential return to the franchise as The Grandmaster.

"I can't give away any secrets. I know there's been rumors and rumblings...I love that character, I love working with Taika Waititi especially, he's a brilliant director," Goldblum told a group of reporters at last year's D23 Expo. "The people at Marvel, they know how to make a movie. It's been a very pleasant experience. They are very kind. I love that cast. I want to do something with Taika for sure."


Thor: Ragnarok is now streaming on Disney+.

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