Live-Action Tom & Jerry Movie Delayed to 2021

The live-action Tom & Jerry movie has been delayed to 2021. Warner Bros. decided to move a wide [...]

The live-action Tom & Jerry movie has been delayed to 2021. Warner Bros. decided to move a wide number of their films to later dates today. The list includes Matrix 4, Tenet, Wonder Woman 198, Godzilla vs. Kong, and many others according to The Wrap. Tom and Jerry was scheduled for release on December 23rd of this year but now will hit theaters in March of 2021. There hasn't been a ton of information circulated about the movie besides casting information, but fans are still a bit shocked by all the movement in release schedules this year. Other studios are now waiting to see what their action will be in response to all this shuffling. Reports of increased cases of coronavirus after all the reopening has only added to anxiety around the summer season. A quick bounce-back now seems increasingly unlikely.

Tom and Jerry's cast is packed with stars. Michael Pena plays Terrance in the film and told THR that the comedy is just a really wild thing to be a part of.

"Oh, man, that was so cool," Pena said. "Sometimes, you show up on these movies, and the actor is still trying to find it. I don't know if they're not prepared or whatever, but it happens every so often. But, Chloe Moretz was so on the money… She knew the script, and she was just awesome to go back and forth with. And Tim Story is just a stud. There are some directors who are good indie directors or good dramatic directors, but he's a big movie director. He's meant to be doing big movies."

He continued, "It didn't seem like work when we were on set with the guy. He just wants fun, and fun is what we gave him. You always want to perform for your director, because he's your first audience, and he was really easy to perform for. There's a certain freedom that you want, especially for that kind of family movie. And sometimes, you don't want that freedom. You want there to be a little bit of an edge and a little bit of tension. You can definitely sense that on some films."

Tom and Jerry is being directed by Tim Story and produced by Story and Sharla Sumpter Bridgett. The script reportedly includes work from Katie Silberman, April Prosser, and Kevin Costello. There has been no word on who will be playing the titular duo.

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