Does Toy Story 4 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

After nine years away from the spotlight, the Toy Story franchise is returning to theaters this [...]

After nine years away from the spotlight, the Toy Story franchise is returning to theaters this weekend with the release of Disney and Pixar's Toy Story 4. With this movie set to (probably) be the final film of the series, and the trend of credits scenes started by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people are heading into this one wondering if there will be something playing during or after the credits. Well, if you're hoping for a post-credits scene, you're in luck. Toy Story 4 has a lot to enjoy throughout and after the credits.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Toy Story 4! Continue reading at your own risk...

So there are two things to look out for with the Toy Story 4 credits. The first arrives right after the movie it is finished, and continues to pop up through the next few minutes of credits. Woody, Bo, Giggles, Duke, Ducky, and Bunny make it their mission to try and pair some carnival prize toys with new kids. While the operator of a carnival game is distracted, the group makes sure each and every toy on the shelf finds a home. The scene ends in spectacular fashion, as Ducky and Bunny pull off one more of their ridiculous "plan" scenarios that became a running joke throughout the film.

The other thing to watch out for doesn't come until way later, after all the credits have played and the Disney and Pixar logos start to pop onto the screen. When the Pixar logo arrives, fans are treated to one final appearance of Duke Caboom.

Instead of the Luxo lamp hopping across the screen, Duke rides his motorcycle over to the "I" and hops on top, taking Luxo's place. There's even a nod to a great joke from the movie where one of the Combat Carls enters looking for a high-five. He finally gets what he wants as Duke obliges.

Be sure to stick around through all of the Toy Story 4 credits to enjoy every moment this movie has to offer. After all, it could be the last time we see Woody, Buzz, and the others on the big screen.

Toy Story 4 is now playing in theaters.