Trolls World Tour Star Anthony Ramos Says King Trollex Role Was a Dream Come True

Universal didn't always envision its long-awaited Trolls sequel premiering in living rooms around [...]

Universal didn't always envision its long-awaited Trolls sequel premiering in living rooms around the world instead of in theaters, but the studio made the most of the hand that was dealt. Trolls World Tour was moved to on-demand platforms in the wake of the pandemic and allowed families to rent the film from home. The strategy seems to have paid off as Trolls was the only big movie to release in April, becoming the talk of the town for kids everywhere. Not only was there new music to enjoy, but fans were introduced to new characters, like the DJ King Trollex.

If you didn't know, King Trollex is voiced by actor Anthony Ramos, who is best known for starring in the original Hamilton Broadway cast. With Trolls World Tour now available for purchase digitally, caught up with Ramos about his work on the movie, and he said landing the role was a dream come true.

"I've been wanting to play an animated character for a long time," Ramos told us. "I'd been on quite a few auditions for movies, different animated series. That kind of stuff. It was dope to finally get the call that I got one. I did this audition in the closet. I was shooting a movie in Atlanta and they asked me to record the lines. I went in the closet of my apartment at the time when I was out there working. I took my phone and I just did cold recording in the closet. I hadn't heard back for like months. Finally, I got the call that I got the role. To be honest, I for sure thought I didn't get the part. It was a while. Usually if you don't hear anything for a while it's like, 'Okay, that one's done-zo.'

"But yeah, they called man and I was so hyped," he continued. "It has been a dream. I always wanted to play an animated character. I grew up watching animated movies. It's dope to have your voice in one of these films, especially Trolls. What's crazy is my girl and I were mad addicted to the first Trolls. We were watching that joint just in our leisure time. Then this came around and I couldn't believe it. So that made it even more sweet."

Not only was Ramos excited to get a role in the Trolls sequel, but he especially loved the part of King Trollex, whose job was to bring people together.

"It was dope, man. He was all colorful and he's this bright blue and this DJ. It was just fire to see the character behind the booth and all the other Trolls out in the crowd with the camera behind his back and we see all the Trolls partying" said Ramos. "I was like, 'Yo this is crazy!' It was dope to play the DJ too, because I'm not a DJ but when I was in college I used to DJ the parties. I'd be by the iPod for at least two hours just playing all the songs for everybody at parties and stuff. So it was pretty cool. But seeing the character come to life was amazing. The facial expressions and how they take your facial expressions and kind of put them on to the character. That kind of stuff was really cool to see."

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Trolls World Tour is now available to purchase on-demand.