TRON: Legacy Director Teases Possible Extended Daft Punk Soundtrack Album Release

tron legacy soundtrack daft punk
(Photo: Disney)

In the decade since its release, TRON: Legacy continues to earn fans not only for its compelling visuals and exciting narrative, but also for its electronic soundtrack, crafted by Daft Punk. The musicians were so integral to the overall experience that director Joseph Kosinski had the pair cameo in a nightclub scene, with fans recognizing their unique helmets. While there is no official update on when, or if, audiences will get a new entry into the franchise, Kosinski recently confirmed that there were a number of musical tracks that were crafted for the film that never made it into the theatrical release, leaving him to hope that Disney will release an expanded version of the soundtrack at some point.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that there may be some incredible music that we weren’t able to fit in the movie,” Kosinski recently detailed to Collider. “Someday it would be nice to figure out some way to share that. Disney needs some other revenue streams right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to do that at some point. That’d be great.”

The soundtrack has already proven a success and earned a number of different special edition releases over the years including additional tracks being made available in various formats, but Kosinski's comments imply that there continue to be tracks that the public hasn't heard that he hopes will be honored in a new release. Making the endeavor even more impressive is how the score was the first movie that Daft Punk crafted music for.

"They came and said, 'You know what? I think we can do this by ourselves. We feel really confident we can do it alone. We just want a great orchestrator to work with,'" the filmmaker previously shared with "So they found Joe Trapanese, who's a young composer that, I'm not sure how they found him, but they proposed him as the orchestrator, which I was on board with. We started working on the music while I was prepping the movie, so it was this amazing thing where I had tracks, I had elements of the soundtrack while I was shooting the movie. I would play the album on set while we were setting up shots and stuff. It just set the tone and mood and I just really remember that."

He added, "I just remember playing them that soundtrack on the set of the safe house, which was Kevin Flynn's house with the up-lit floor and everyone in their costumes. I just remember sitting there with Olivia [Wilde] and Garrett [Hedlund] and it was just a great vibe. It was so nice to have that music early on. It just doesn't happen very often while you're making a movie."


Stay tuned for details on a possible soundtrack release and TRON's future.

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