Wonder Woman 1984 Star Gal Gadot on a Crossover With Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam

Fans will get to see Gal Gadot's return as Diana Prince in the forthcoming Wonder Woman 1984 as [...]

Fans will get to see Gal Gadot's return as Diana Prince in the forthcoming Wonder Woman 1984 as well as Zack Snyder's Justice League, but the Hollywood superstar has another huge film project on the horizon when she teams with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson for the Netflix movie Red Notice. But fans are curious to find out if this could lead to a potential showdown between Gadot's Wonder Woman and the upcoming anti-hero debut of Johnson's portrayal of Black Adam.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Gadot spoke about her time filming Red Notice. After joking that she was the only true action star on the set, Gadot addressed a possible crossover between Black Adam and Wonder Woman.

"I adored both of them, and I loved working with them," explained Gadot. "I've worked with both of them before, I worked with Ryan on a film called Criminal... and [Johnson and I] did Fast & Furious together. It was so great, and it was so nice to be back together and to create something new."

"I think that, first of all, let's give Black Adam the respect of Black Adam. I don't want to come and steal anybody's thunder. It's The Rock, come on, I can't steal his thunder. But maybe in the future, who knows," Gadot said.

Black Adam will get his own solo adventure, mixing it up with the Justice Society of America, before he takes a step in the modern DC cinematic universe. But even then, it sounds like Shazam will have the first crack at the villain that will likely be his arch nemesis. Producer Hiram Garcia teases that the world of Shazam would open up in a huge way after the upcoming movie.

"We're working closely with DC in terms of what the plan is for how everyone fits together," producer Hiram Garcia told Variety. "It's still in the works, but obviously Shazam exists in the Black Adam universe. I can just say that we have very big ambitions for Black Adam and all of the characters that we're introducing. How they're going to connect with other characters is still all being laid out, but I think fans are going to be happy, ultimately, with the way we end up guiding it."

While we wait for the release of Black Adam and the sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods, we still don't know when Gadot's film Red Notice will premiere on Netflix. But fans can see her DC return when Wonder Woman 1984 premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25th.